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Spoken ONLINE generates automatic subtitles using the latest speech-to-text technology

Over 80 % of videos on mobile are watched without audio. Therefore, to fully reach your audience you need to have subtitles on your videos.

With Spoken ONLINE you can automatically generate subtitles in the same language, in which case speech in English will be captioned in English. Take the full advantage of the latest technology and become one of our many satisfied clients!


We support 35+ languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, and many more.

Any media file

We support all common video file formats.


All uploads are strictly private and confidential. You can be sure that your materials are handled securely.

Subtitles for your videos in different platforms

Captions made with Spoken ONLINE save time for social media creators without compromising the accuracy and clarity of the video.  Subtitles also make the videos more clear and memorable for the viewer compared to videos without captions.

Automatic subtitles are generated using artificial intelligence, and the accuracy has currently reached the level of 90 %.

Subtitles made with Spoken ONLINE are always downloadable, editable and handled with high security and confidentiality in our system.

Subtitles also make the videos more accessible to people with hearing disabilities, which is why the EU launched the Web Accessibility Directive in 2020.

Subtitles according to the EU’s Web Accessibility Directive

Starting in the autumn of 2020 in EU, all public organisations must provide captions for video and audio content published on their website according to the Web Accessibility Directive (Directive 2016/2102). If the content of the video and/or audio is otherwise available on the website (e.g. in text format), there is no need for captions.

Applying the Web Accessibility Directive in practice is based on the WCAG 2.1., i.e. the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The guidelines are commonly used as a basis for the accessibility requirement legislation in EU many countries.

According to the directive, all meaningful spoken content of the video or recording must be available in written form. The video must include captions in the same language as the video is spoken. Therefore, videos in English must have captions available in English.

Accessible videos with Spoken ONLINE

With Spoken ONLINE you can automatically generate subtitles of the speech in the video with correct timings. Accessible subtitles require also other information, e.g. speaker identification, but currently this information is not added automatically.

To make your video accessible, i.e. to fill EU’s Web Accessiblity Directive’s requirements, you can open the ready made .srt subtitle file for example in Notepad and add the following information:

  • Who is speaking (e.g. [John:])
  • Other essential sounds, such as background music and other soundscape in the background (e.g. [the police siren sounds] or [a knock on the door])


Subtitles for all kind of videos


Marketing videos

Educational videos

Films and series

Vlogs and podcasts

How does it work?

Upload your video file in any format to Spoken ONLINE

Receive an email notification of the ready-made subtitle file in no time at all

Make the captions perfect by editing them in Spoken ONLINE editor.

Download the ready captions in .srt, .vtt or .mp4 format.


Free trial

You can try Spoken ONLINE to subtitle 10 minutes of video for free and see how it works for you. The trial is totally risk-free. All you need to do is submit your email address, so we can notify you about your completed subtitles. No payment details needed.

After the trial, we’d be happy if you gave us feedback on your experience, so we can further improve the service!


About us

Spoken ONLINE was built in 2017 by an enthusiastic and result-oriented team situated in Helsinki, Finland. The foundation of Spoken ONLINE lays in traditional transcription and subtitling business, where audio files are manually typed into text and video files subtitled. As speech-to-text technologies develop at a rapid pace, we decided to evolve along with it to create a better world for our clients.

Our automatic subtitle generator is available in English as well as in 35+ additional languages including a variety of accents.

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